Station News: February 6th, 2016

Your Opportunity to Make a Difference on WWRB

The world economy is teetering on the edge. The NSA and other governments have been confirmed in monitoring and spying on the world Internet. The United States, Russia, the Middle East, and Syria have come to the very brink of open war. Fearing surveillance and persecution for their beliefs by collapsing, cash-strapped governments, people all over the world are turning away from the Internet and preparing for inevitable crises. As we move into these increasingly tense and prophetic days, the importance of international shortwave radio, the only media that crosses all of man's legal, political, and social boundaries, becomes ever more apparent.

Shortwave radio is common worldwide. More than 60% of the world has no internet access, and in areas like Africa, the Middle East, South America, and the rest of the Third World, where less than 30% of the population has access to the Internet, shortwave radio remains the main method of communication, hope, and news. Shortwave radios are even parachuted into these remote areas by both missionaries and governments to ensure that the people have a link to the outside world.

Everyone has something to contribute in these desperate times. As Jesus said in Mark 16:15, "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature" --- all Christians are required by the Great Commission to save souls by bringing the Gospel to the World. Many of us are blessed with the political insight to be of great service to peoples in conflict. In countries where day to day living is a struggle to endure, anyone with survival knowledge can save lives. Radio Station WWRB can take your message to the world. There are no obligations, contracts, or special equipment needed to broadcast on WWRB: we provide all of our airtime directly to the public. Broadcasting to the world with us is as easy as making a cassette tape/CD recording or talking on a telephone. As a bonus, all shortwave broadcasts on WWRB are also carried on our WWRBOnline streaming audio service, so no matter where your listeners are in the world, people can hear you.

The impending crises facing our planet affect all people, but today, you can make a difference. Contact us any day of the week after 8 PM eastern time at (931) 728-6087 to plan your broadcast on Radio Station WWRB.

First 2012 Update (February 12, 2012)

It has been a very eventful year here at Radio Station WWRB. A significant amount of work has been done at the station to enhance our capabilities, including the addition of a new network infrastructure, a new audio production chain, and a custom audio processing, leveling, and equalization system for all streaming and transmitted audio. New power tubes have been installed in all of our transmitters and our WWRBOnline service has received significant upgrades in capacity and ability.

In our first round of website updates for 2012, the station Program Guide section has become the new Times & Schedules section. This revised section incorporates both the station program guide and our transmission schedule for ease of use and perusal. Our Coverage Maps page has been updated to show the significantly expanded coverage areas of our antenna systems as determined through computer modeling and over 15 years of listener feedback.

It has been our pleasure serving both out listeners and broadcasters throughout the year 2011, and we look forward to providing the same quality service in the year 2012.

Winter Broadcast Schedule Beginning (August 17, 2011)

Starting September 1st, 2011, Radio Station WWRB starts the winter broadcast season using the frequencies 3.215 MHz and 3.195 MHz. It is very important to note that during the winter broadcast season, any shortwave broadcast station located in the western hemisphere of the earth may suffer from excessive signal skip, and may not be able to supply reliable coverage to your intended audience using frequencies over 4.000 MHz.

Radio Station WWRB currently has several prime-time nighttime slots available for broadcasters on 3.215 MHz and 3.195 MHz. If you would like to optimize your ministry or radio program's coverage, our frequency coordinators can help. For your convenience, you can contact them seven nights per week between 8:00 pm - 12:00 am Eastern Time at (931) 563-3783 or (931) 728-6087.

New Images in Photo Gallery (June 26, 2011)

The Radio Station WWRB photo gallery has been updated with images of some of the latest developments in aircraft navigational aids by our parent company, Airline Transport Communications, Incorporated. We hope that you enjoy them.

If you would like to see more of Airline Transport Communications' work in aviation, please see our Youtube video on the historical recreation of a four course range system.

Summer Broadcast Schedule (May 5, 2011)

Effective as of Monday May 9th, 2011, Radio Station WWRB is switching to its summertime frequency schedule. All broadcasts currently carried on our winter frequency 2.390 MHz will be carried on our summer frequency 5.050 MHz. If you would like to help Radio Station WWRB better reach you with your favorite programs, click here to send us reception reports.

Testing Begins on New Frequency 2.390 MHz (February 26, 2011)

International Radio Station WWRB has begun testing on our new frequency, 2.390 MHz, using our 340 Dual Feed Rhombic Antenna. Currently, we operate the new frequency from 8:00 pm to 12:00 am eastern time simulcasting the content broadcast from 5.050 MHz. We would appreciate reports on how 2.390 MHz is coming in in your area. Your reports allow us to fine-tune the antenna to ensure better coverage and signal for listeners like yourself. If you have a report for us on how 2.390 MHz is coming in, click here to contact us.

The station rate card has also been updated to reflect new special pricing for broadcasters.